Computer repair technicians use a variety of hard and soft skills to succeed in their roles. Here are some important career skills they can use: Customer service: Many computer technicians work directly with customers and clients. They listen to customer's computer issues, train clients on new software and explain best computer practices to others. They can use strong customer service skills such as empathy and patients to help them accomplish these tasks. Active listening: Active listening is the ability to fully comprehend what someone is saying. Computer repair technicians can use active listening to understand customer's computer issues. This can help them troubleshoot and solve issues quickly Verbal communication: Computer repair technicians may explain complex computer concepts to customers and clients. They sometimes lead computer software training within a company or explain processes to residential customers. Strong verbal communication allows them to express ideas clearly to multiple audiences. Problem-solving: Computer repair technicians use effective problem-solving skills to resolve computer issues. Analytical thinking: To resolve technical issues, computer technicians must use analytical thinking to analyze information. They assess how a computer functions to create a solution. Technical skills: Computer repair technicians require technical skills and industry knowledge. Depending on their role, they may need skills in computer programming, coding, hardware repair or network analysis. They may also use a variety of software and computer languages.
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